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Why should I hire a professional tax preparer anyway?

Many people feel that using an online tax software program is as efficient as hiring a tax preparer. Do I agree with that line of thought? The answer would be yes….and no. It all depends on your tax situation and other factors. Those online tax programs are great when it comes to people who have absolutely no deductions, itemizations, adjustments, or anything they need to claim. The DIY is great for teens and young adults with a W-2 job and no other factors for the tax return. Now, if you are a person doing gig work, independent contracting, or someone with just a lot of itemizations, deductions, kids, etc. then hiring a tax professional is definitely the best way to go. Let me list a few reasons as to why hiring a tax pro is much better than using AI:

  1. Your time and/or patience when completing your own taxes.
  2. Lack of the newest and most complex tax law knowledge. Tax pros must continuously take IRS-approved courses in order to prepare taxes and eliminate mistakes which could be costly if you complete your taxes as DIY.
  3. Unlike an online tax software program, you will have a live person to answer your questions and concerns, and vice versa. DIY tax software can only do so much. We have had to fix many IRS issues for clients who chose the DIY way of tax filing.
  4. Tax professionals can find or know about deductions that you may not find on your own. We can also point out what you cannot use to save you from an IRS audit.
  5. If you are ever audited by the IRS, unlike online tax software, you will have an actual professional to assist you with your IRS issue(s).

If you have never had your taxes completed by a tax professional, I would like to invite you to contact us at Rave Financial Services, LLC at 951.797.4071 or by email at for more information, consultation, or to have your taxes prepared. We look forward to assisting you!

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