Frequently Asked Questions

Is credit repair legal?

Yes! The Fair Credit Reporting Act, or FCRA for short, gives you the right to dispute any item on your credit report. If that item cannot be verified within a reasonable amount of time (usually 30 days), it must be removed. Our job is to make sure the credit bureaus and creditors are accurately reporting items to your credit report and are following all consumer laws. 

How long will it take to see results?

All the credit bureaus have 30 days to process/respond to disputes. You will see initial results in about 30-45 days. On a continual basis you will see results each month in your credit journey.  It may seem like a long road but don’t quit! Stick through this and you will have financial freedom!

How long will the credit repair process take?

The length of time varies from client to client. Depending on how many negative and incorrect items are reporting. It also depends on how many positive items are reporting. A positive account means a revolving credit account without any late or missed payments. If you need help building positive credit, getting a secured card right away can speed up the process. We can help you with this. Our goal is to GRADUATE all clients within 6 – 9 months, ideally. Yes, you will receive a “diploma/certificate!”  

How will I see the updates to my credit report?

Every 30 days, which is the end of the challenge cycle, we will pull your updated credit report and update your Secure Client Portal with your results. We will also send you an email with all the significant updates, as well as insight as to why your scores changed. 

Why are negative items falling off, but my score hasn’t changed?

This situation is perfectly normal. Depending on the balance of negative and positive accounts, it may take a while to remove enough negative items and add enough positive information to really shift the balance and see it reflected in your score. Think of it as complicated dance. Remember, this does not mean that there is nothing happening behind the scenes. Every reported negative item we remove strengthens your overall credit profile and makes you more attractive to lenders and credit card companies, which is our goal. Wanna know a secret? Your credit score doesn’t matter as much as the overall makeup of your credit profile. We know many folks with a credit score above a 725, yet because of their overall profile, no one will finance them. But, even if you do have a lower credit score your overall profile will be healthier, and it will give you a better chance of being approved for what you want, which is the purpose of credit repair. 

I received notification that something changed, but I can’t see it?

Due to regulatory restrictions, we can only have access to an updated credit report every 30 days. So, if you receive notification of a change, we must wait the full 30 days to review. 

Why are my results different?

Just as there are two sides to every story, there are two sides to every credit score battle. Sometimes, the credit bureaus have done everything correctly and we do not have a case against them. On average, we have been very successful in assisting with 95% removal of our client’s negative items on their credit report. 

Will the removed items come back?

Fortunately, items cannot come back as long as the item is current or paid at the time of removal, or if the collection is over three years old. This is true except in rare circumstances.

What items can you help me improve and remove?

With our assistance and document processing, our clients have had great success with bankruptcy, foreclosures, collections, charge-offs, repossessions, medical bills, credit card debt, inquiries, late payments, old/incorrect addresses, judgments, child support, tax liens, and student loans. 

How does billing work?

An enrollment fee will be required once we complete your onboarding, enroll you in our credit monitoring with SmartCredit, pull and review your credit report, explain the disputing process,  and create an action plan. Once all of that is done at our consultation and you agree to our services – you will pay our enrollment fee. Please keep in mind you will NOT be charged for any work ahead of time. We always charge at the end of of your 30-day credit repair cycle. At cancelation, you will be charged a final payment since billing occurs in the arrears for services rendered.

How do I cancel my credit repair service?

We hope you do not cancel before your credit journey is over. However, if you need to cancel, you would just send us an email or fax us a letter signed and dated by you and your spouse (if applicable) advising us to kindly cancel your credit repair service. You must cancel 3 days before your next billing cycle begins, or we will keep that credit repair fee. Monthly payments will only be for the months worked on your account, and must be canceled before the 1st of the next month’s billing cycle.

What are the program rules?

The program rules are as follows:

  1. The monthly credit monitoring must be kept going the entire time you are enrolled in our program;
  2. Keep your credit card balances under 30% of your credit line;
  3. Do not close any accounts without speaking to us first;
  4. Do not apply for any accounts without speaking to us first;
  5. You are not allowed to have any missed/late payments with any creditor;
  6. You are required to send us any correspondence from the credit bureaus or collection companies within 48 hours of receipt. You can send them by e-mail, fax, or uploading them into your client portal.